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 Demonthing the shiny Caterpie!

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PostSubject: Demonthing the shiny Caterpie!   Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:53 pm

Personal Information:

Name: Demonthing
Species Shiny Caterpie
Gender: Male
Age: 1
Physical Appearance:

Looks like an innocent simple shiny orange/golden Caterpie. Speaks in a cute squeaky voice until you piss it off an then it sounds like a fearful demon.
Temporary Physical Appearance by Evolution Stone:

In this form it becomes twice the size of the average human, can fire large beams from it’s mouth or breath fire and his skin now looks like brass but it as hard as steel.
Personality: Pure ****ing evil...
History: Demonthing the shiny Caterpie, born in the wold from a butterfree’s egg shocked the rest of the Caterpie clan because he was simply shiny, A random Metapod made a halfassed professy about this saying that this is the Caterpie that will bring death to our enemies and make the world respect us. This may actually be true because the Caterpie only has evil intentions in its mind. Caterpie wasn’t given the name Demonthing until his first act of infamy. Demonthing spends most his time by raping and pillaging or simply ambushing unsespecting humans in the crossroads.
Statistical Information:

Level: 5
Experience: 0/5
Energy: 0
Learned Moves:
Innate moves:
[url=(insert follower profile url here)] Follower's name[/url]


Inventory: A very sharp stick.

Money: 0

Upcoming moves list and TM list:
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Demonthing the shiny Caterpie!
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