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 Rahul Mangell

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PostSubject: Rahul Mangell   Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:31 pm

Personal Information:

Name: Rahul Mangell
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Physical Appearance: Rahul stands at a height of 6'1. With a strong, medium build. Rahul has shoulder length black hair that he keeps in a ponytail. The little bit that is not in his pony tail is scattered across his face. And can sometimes shield his eyes if he wished it so. Rahul is also known for having a short buzz of hair on his face. Not a beard, but rather short and prickly like a morning shadow. Having board shoulders and large hands, Rahul gives off the vibe of being a strong man who can take care of himself. Striking grey eyes are on his chiseled face. He had two scars. A small one on the bottom on his chin, starting just below his lip and then ending as his chin stops. And a second, large one that starts where his heart would be, and travels down his left arm before coming to a stop at the back of his hand, where the scar ends with the crude drawing of his family's tribal like symbol. Like a breeze of wind and the rage of a fire carved into his hand forever. He also has tribal tattoo's put on his skin, using the juices of berries to stain his flesh. It looks like this: Click
Personality: Rahul speaks little. He is observant and wise. Slow to anger, quick to defend what is his. Cold and hardened with the burdens of life's darkest truth's, Rahul does not life wishing for things. He makes what he wants come true. He depends only on himself, and the pokemon he travels with. Rahul will not trust easily, and is even slower when it comes to love. All he knows is that life is not fair, so he must do what he can in anyway possible. Death does not bother him. In fact he thrives of the business it brings him. Willing to kill almost anyone for a price, Rahul will only refuse to kill a person or pokemon if he see's something in them. He sticks to his own code or right and wrong, and will follow it to the end of the earth.

Should he find a person to be loyal too, Rahul will cast aside eveyrthing, and do what he must for his master. Forsaking his own happiness for their well being. Forever searching for that one person to call his Master, Rahul will serve no other, unless it is for a short time and for a high price. It is his perpose in life, to find the one worth of being his Master, and to serve them. Even if it means giving away everything that is percious to him. Should Rahul have a lover, that his Master wants, Rahul will give her up. For his masters sake, and the sake of his lover. Because he knows he will die one day to save his master, and leave her alone. So it would only be best, to not have a lover or a thing to hold dear. His job, his master, they come first. His companions and friends second. Himself last. Himself always last
Rahul was born in a small tribe like village. His father the chief, his mother a woman that his father forced to be his bride. Never the less his mother loved little Rahul. And he grew up happily. But his father was not happy. He wanted a son who would strike fear into his enemy's. But he did nothing but train Rahul in the arts of war.
Growing up under his fathers harsh training, and his mothers gentle love, Rahul found his balance. He quickly grew in his strength with dual swords, and in his marksmanship with his arrows. But his true reason, was an older boy who became his best friend. His fathers words of being loyal to the tribe burned something into the boys mind. And Rahul swore to protect his friend with his life.

His father did not agree with this mentality. Not when it was directed at another person and not him. So Rahul's father sent him away one morning, saying he had till the sun rose in the sky before he would hunt him down.
Rahul was furious, and did everything he could to stop it. But he couldn't so he told his friend that he would join him. But his friend denied Rahul.

" Stay little Brother. Don't worry about me. I know you wish to protect me. You've never done anything to hurt me, always did what ever I asked. So I ask you now to wait for me. Do not follow, do not fight. We'll see each other again. By the Will of the Moon Brother." the older boy said.
Rahul forced the tears back, but still they fell down and into his slightly open mouth. They were bitter and salty tasting, and stun his face as they rolled down his cheeks.
" By the Will of the Moon Brother." Rahul whispered back as his brother figure ran out of sight and into the woods.

His brother's blood stained the morning fog that day. And left him laing on the ground, never to breath or to see another moon again.

Rahul couldn't contain his rage at his father. And in turn, his father couldn't contain his rage. Dragging hsi son away, he toke a knife and a bowl of berries and started to carve into his chest and arm. Tattooing the clans symbols forever into his body. It took him weeks to heal, with the tribes medicine, no scares were left, only the stained flesh. As soon as he was well enough, he again challenged his father in rage.

So his father took him away again, and toke another blade and dragged it across his skin, from where his heart began and down his arm to the back of his hand where the crude tribal marking were put. Taking him back to the village, his father forced the tribe to let the boy heal on his own. Leaving the scars to stay on his body forever, just like his tattoos.

For many years, Rahul was quiet. Hid his scars and tattoos the best he could as he endured his cruel father.
His mother died when he was 15. With that source of love gone, Rahul packed his blades, his bow and arrows, and left one morning in the pre-dawn mist. Never to look back.
He traveled around for a while. Before an old hermit brough him into his house. It was there he lived with his "Grandfather". Rahul became wise living there, and lost his will to anger. When he turned 20, he decided he must go find a new Master to serve, so his life would have purpose. The old man agreed to let him leave, but only if he replaced his blades for ones the old man had from his youth. Agreeing, Rahul traded blades with his older friend, and left. Never to look back. Rahul never look back to anything in his past.
Traveling around, he became known as a mercenary, killing and working for money. One day he came across a pokemorp, known as Havoc. Something happened, and the two began to travel together, working as partners.

Statistical Information:

Level: 11
Experience: 0/11


-Head: Nothing, besides the hood of his cloak
-Torso: A white tunic, and some leather armor. It starts on his left shoulder right by his heart, and comes down to cover the rest of his chest. Leaving his right shoulder open to attack. A forest green cloak stays on his shoulders.
-Legs: Leather Bracers, Brown pants. Hazard Boots.
-Weapon(s): Swords they are leftovers from the blacksmith. Not fantastic blades, but decent enough His bow is made of Rowan wood, but is weakening due to it's age and all the weather and use it endured when Rahul was traveling before meeting the old man. Arrow's aren't in much better condition.
-Accessories: He wears bandages on his left arm, and has leather gloves. As side pouch on his right hip

- A small box of matches (# 20)
- A single bar of soap
- A small first aid kit (bandages mostly, but a small jar of burn cream and such too)
- Old sword care kit
- Leather Boots

Money: 0 G
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Rahul Mangell
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