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 Hovoc The Absol (DONE)

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PostSubject: Hovoc The Absol (DONE)   Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:32 pm

" Kill a man, and you are an assassin. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill everyone, and you are a god."

Personal Information:

Name: Havoc
Species Pokemorph: Absol(Aka: the Pokemon that knows when shits about to hit the fan)
Gender: Male
Age: In human years Havoc is around the age of 20.
Physical Appearance:

Absol form:
Height:3′11″ (1.19m)
Weight:103.6 lbs (47.0 kg)

Human Form:
Standing tall at 6'2'',And weighing under 400lb's.Havoc can match the tall dark and handsome quota quite well.His skinny frame might not be any cause for alarm to add to the male's stall appearance he is plagued with the look of an albino,Havoc has a Sullen;pale completion of witch tends to lead the boy into getting easily burned by the sun.Knowing this the male tends to stay in the shadows,though in rare attempts does he ever wish venture out into the sun's harmful rays . His pale completion also serves as another bad example of "forcefully mixed genes".Thanks to the lack of necessary chemicals. Havoc's immune system stays rather low. Allowing the male to catch a cold in an instant,witch is why the male hates the cold.

Short hair that has seemed to be covered over by a blanket of freshly new fallen snow adorns Havoc's head,running vertical on the left side of his head is a cluster of black strands of hair that seem to have "replaced" the Absol blade.
Blood red eyes are another "trait" of the Absol gene that still lingers within the male's body.

Moving down to the chest area, The male has a soft white patch of snow white fur stationed in the middle of his chest. Its shaped as an upside down triangle. only spanning from 5'' across and 6'' down.This is also an effect of the Pokemon's Gene.

With sharp,nails of witch seemed to be painted black.

...You got all my love, living in your own hate...
Arrogant,ruthless and cunning,Havoc isn't exactly the type of guy you'd want to met alone in a dark ally.Due His physical exterior being a skinny and rather pale man. Havoc may not seem like much of a threat.However, its what resides inside the sick male's skull that is a cause for alarm. Being a pokemorph-The male's "Absol-side" is only there to ad more fuel to the fiery magma like concoction that dwells within the male's heart. Streaming threw his veins like a flooded river is a fowl mixture of corrupt knowledge and pure male testosterone.An endless sea confusion has drowned the male's head into an endless abyss of anger and rage.With both sickening thoughts and testosterone is A rather deadly mix to toughs whom don't personally know the pokemouph...he may at first come across as a calm cool and collective fellow and a smooth talker of sorts.This is merely a cover up,a sort of mask that hide's his true self,once close enough to his prey he with strike without hesitation. Blood lust can take over the male's mind in an instant leaving his foe's in a fleshy heap of blood and bone.Havoc can have a hard time controlling his rather cruel and unruly actions.This leads to him snapping on others from time to time,Witch has lead the male down the path of lonleness and hatred. More often then not,Havoc is ruled entirely by instinct that was formed when he was majicly combined with an absol.(Will be explained in History)

The basic instincts that control the Havoc are simple. Being a "male" Havoc is rather fond of the opposite sex.Not only that but Havoc can be quite a flurt,His
playful" side always seems to arise once he has met a female.Unfortunately most human female's dislike Havoc's "Rough" playful way of showing his affection. Biting,and forcefully dominating his mate may lead to more than just a few nicks and scratches, in one instance lead to the death of a old friend.So ladies Flirt if you dare!
Dominating the situation is always the first priority on Havoc's mind,The Absol gene commands it. The instinct also carry's with it a sort of hostility towards other male's.

Overwhelmed with pure natural instinct the male sometimes forgets weather or not he is in human form,thus leading to the site of a human marking his territory on various objects,not to mention nipping and biteing others without warning.At times he can be labeled as unpredictable.

Havoc is by no means a man of few words. He's quite the talkative type,spitting cruel humor as it materializes within his cranium.Loyalty,though rare is also hidden some where in the dark confines of Havoc's mind
There Is only one being Havoc is loyal too and obeys is An adult male named Rahul Mangell.


  • Rahul Mangell.
    -Havoc submits to this man without hesitation.Rahul is the "leader" in havoc's eyes and is to be protected at all costs.Even if it means certon death.
  • Ladies
    -Being a ladies hound,Havoc will not over look a pretty face.Though hooking up with this male will lead to trouble for both parties involves.
  • Illness
    -From time to time Havoc experiences extreme chest pains,of witch can lead the male's weakened state.The illness doesn't stop there. Havoc also tends to cough up blood when his painful spasms begin,It is unknown as to what is the cause of this problem.Though Havoc blames it on the female whom turned him onto a pokemorph.

History:[/color] (lol i am tired so it is gonna be short)[ Long ago in a small village outside of the wastes,lived a rather greedy young fellow,Whom used his seemingly "kind hearted" manners to get the better of people. His name was Agro Yashumota,With blind hair and pearceing Grey eyes he was a rather handsome Yong man,levering females into his home only to rob them of there innocence. Once finished with his fun,he'd toss out his no longer squealing prey to the scavenging Marcrow.
This went on for quite some time. No one ver knowing of his devilish atempts at lust.He merely blamed the disaperiences on rapid Usering.until the young male came across a female drifter,she seemed to be rather knowledgeable in the arts of magic. Wishing to win The lovely girl over,Agro presented a present to her...A fur coat he had make himself,from the hide of a living Absol. She denied his advances,one after the onther.until the day came where Agro lost his nerve,pinning the girl down in an attempt to seduce her was nearly fatal mistake..

Needless to say,the spell the female placed onto Agro was a dirty one. Fusing his soul with the absol he had skinned,in addition..the spell also took away the young male's name. From them on his names was to be Havoc,due to his past heartless actions.The spell also changed the male's appearance turning him from a brightly colored young man to a bland albino pokemph.

At once he left the town,never to return to it again...
Now stuck in the body of pokemph,the male's mind ran ramped.Painful instincts tugged at his head,forcing painful headaches...a side effect of the magic.

A few month later Havoc met up with a man named,Rahul Mangell.Something happened and From then on they had became friends.

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Posts : 30
Join date : 2010-11-23
Age : 26
Location : Where ever I may roam~

PostSubject: Pt 2   Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:19 am

Statistical Information:

Level: 11
Learned Moves:
Innate moves:
[url=(insert follower profile url here)] Follower's name[/url]

-Head: none
-Torso: none
-Legs: none
-Pendent (heals poison)


Money: 10g[i]
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Hovoc The Absol (DONE)
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