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 Chitin Veryn's Profile (WIP)

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PostSubject: Chitin Veryn's Profile (WIP)   Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:04 pm

Personal Information:

Name: Chitin Veryn
Gender: M
Age: 23
Physical Appearance:

Personality: Chitin Veryn is very brave, and generally will rush head-first into danger. He is also a very cold and cruel individual. He does not care much for people or pokemon aside from himself.
History: Chitin Veryn was born in Firgram under the name Ventroc Morton, but his father was executed by the prince. His mother took him to Burkham since they were wanted by the prince. Since then, he has been assumed dead and his family has changed their name. A few years ago his mother died from a disease. Now, he seeks to employ himself in the poaching business, hardened by loss and hatred for the prince.
Statistical Information:

Level: 5
Experience: 0/5

Followers: None

-Head: Bandana, Normally worn over the forehead, can be quickly placed over the mouth to provide protection from smoke, aerial poison and other contaminants. Also provides cover to the face so victims wont know who he is.
-Torso: Torn Leather Vest, This vest has seen lots of use, and is cut and torn in many places.
-Legs: Torn Leather Pants, These pants provide minimal protection, and the shins have been worn out.
-Weapon(s): Small Iron Dagger, rusted from many years of wear. Net with stones tied to it, used to trap pokemon alive and quickly subdue them.

Small Cart: Used for carrying captured pokemon over great distances. Also, a small trunk containing rope, soap, netting and other odds-and-ends can be found here.

Money: 24 Gold
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Chitin Veryn's Profile (WIP)
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