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 Mini the Dratini

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PostSubject: Mini the Dratini   Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:29 am

Personal Information:

Physical Appearance: She is a shiny Dratini, though unlike most shinys, she is regular sized not smaller.

Personality:She is very shy, and outwardly timid. Though inside she has more bravery then most poeple would geuss. She also secretly wants revenge on all the humans that did her wrong.
History: Even as an egg, her life was complecated. A breeder that only had two Dragon pokemon noticed that there yearly egg's coloring was slightly diffrent, and due to his experience in pokemon breeding knew she would be born shiny. So he snuck her away from the crime filled Burkham and sold her to the highest bidder. On the buyers way home, the egg stumbled out of the cart with out his knowing. About a day later, an old couple from Orga found the egg and kept it. When it hatched, they kept care of the pink Dratini. Because they were kind people they kept the Dratini a secret. Knowing most people thought shinys were stronger, and a rare shiny like Mini would be worth stealing. Though one day... The old women was very sick, and the man despret for money sold Mini, againts his wifes wishes, to a traveling pokemon merchant. The merchant, with the rare and supposovly powerful Mini, went to the Royal Palace... Hoping to sell Mini to the Prince. But he was stoped by the gaurds, he tried to explain that he had a very rare pokemon with him... But the gaurds said he needed proof. He went to his cart only to discover Mini had escaped while he was talking to the gaurds, even though she was only 20 or so feet away in the forest leading to Hemanter Tunnel. She was found by an old and wise Tyranatar that kept care of her until she could manage on her own. Now that shes strong enough to be on her own, shes on the move again. Shes not sure what she'll do after she leaves, but all she plans on doing right now is becomeing stronger and being safe form the cruelty of humans. (Wow... Thats long.)
Statistical Information:

Learned Moves:
Innate moves:
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Mini the Dratini
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