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 Lexion the Growlithe

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PostSubject: Lexion the Growlithe   Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:41 am

Personal Information:

Physical Appearance:Lexion is typical of a growlithe in most ways, except he is a little larger than usual for a growlithe and he has a black bandanna tied around his neck at all times (Not awesomesauce enough to edit the image to have the bandanna.)

Personality: Despite growlithes being well known for their bravery and loyalty, Lex is a bit of a coward. He has an intense dislike for conflict of almost all forms, and will typically do his best to avoid it at all costs. If he is forced in to combat, his first reaction is to Roar, attempting to scare away any potential threats. He's all bark and no bite though. This cowardice even comes to normal social interaction with other Pokemon. Lexion is crushingly shy around other Pokemon for a while. He can become more comfortable and outgoing with pokemon he considers his friends, but this is a very slow-going process. Lex is typically more friendly with humans due to his upbringing and training with them, but he is still cautious around strangers. He warms up very quickly to humans. Although he will do little to defend himself, Lex musters frightening courage and ferocity when defending his friends and allies, willing to risk his life for them. There is supposedly something else that allows Growlithe to face his fears of confrontation, but he typically doesn't talk about it.

Lex loves the scent of cinnamon.

History:Lex's family have worked as mounts for a cavalry unit of Redsill Castle for many years. Growlithes are naturally attracted to the geothermal heated grounds, so are plenty on hand to train, and their large size, strength, and speed as arcanines made them natural choices for cavalry, able to lift even the heavy mechanical weaponry of the Redsill knights. Lex was the third born of a litter of five pups. He was the largest of his litter, and great things were expected of him from birth. It wasn't long until his trainers realized he would be useless as a cavalry mount. Whenever encountering wild pokemon outside of the castle, Lex would cower behind his siblings, despite being larger and stronger than his siblings. Despite support from his family, Lex could not stand the shame of his cowardice, and escaped his home in Redsill Castle in to the wild.

(I plan on adding much more to both of these and cleaning them up, it just took me forever to pick a pokemon and I'm really tired.)
Statistical Information:

Level: 5
Experience: 0/5
Energy: 0
Learned Moves:
Innate moves:

-Accessories:Black bandanna worn around neck, small water canteen

Inventory:Black bandanna
Money: 0g
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Lexion the Growlithe
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