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 Selena the Abra

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PostSubject: Selena the Abra   Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:13 pm

Personal Information:

Name: Aurelia. However, most that know her call her Selena. She hates being called Aurelia.
Species Abra
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult, around 18 in human years.
Physical Appearance:

It's quite obvious that Selena is an Abra. She doesn't really appear much different from others in her species. The few markings that distinguish her are relatively easy to spot. Her eyes, when opened(rarely do they completely open) are light blue. Her cheeks seem slightly flushed, as though she is embarrassed about something. Along with her tan complexion her muzzle is slightly lighter in color. The same light color overlaps the tips of her ears.

(( The above picture is just a basic template; I actually used it for something else, which is why she's wearing the clothing haha. This is the most accurate picture I have of her Abra form - I'm usually RPing her as a Kadabra. ))
Selena's current personality is a far cry from who she used to be. After "royally screwing up" as she puts it, Selena has turned over a new leaf and is trying desperately to make up for the things that she did. As of now, Selena is very friendly, although quite shy. She loves to help when she can (read: when she is awake) and to this day follows her mother's rules about sleeping eighteen hours a day. She's a bit skittish around humans, although she isn't really afraid of them. It takes her awhile to really warm up around someone but once she does, glimmers of her old personality will show through. She is still a bit of a prankster, and her fun side is ever present once she has warmed up. She is rather happy-go-lucky and easily excited. Give her an idea and she'll run with it. Her deepest fear is turning back into her old self, and ultimately facing her past. She is not independent, and actually prefers being around others. She gets lonely rather easily, but she's a bit too shy to be clingy. She is quite content to feel someone she trusts near her. If she doesn't get enough sleep she can be rather cranky and off center. Less than twelve hours of sleep make her very ill and less than eight can kill her outright. She becomes more and more disoriented without proper sleep.

Selena was once called Aurelia. Born to a Kadabra mother and a Mr. Mime father, she found that she didn't exactly have the best family position. In a clan of mostly psychic types, her mother was very close friends with the matriarch. This would have been a great thing for Selena, had she not had older siblings. She had one older brother and one older sister, both of which were quite strong for their age and very headstrong. From birth she had always been in their shadow, never quite catching up to them.
Her brother, a Kadabra when she was born, was already betrothed to the daughter of the matriarch of the clan, a dangerous fighter, and held quite a rank in the village. Her older sister was a beautiful Abra, who had a number of male admirers (and some female). Her popularity throughout her youth had eventually landed her a position as the leader of a clique within the clan. This clique was made up of most all the youngsters. After Selena's sister took over she'd converted it to a sort of caste system. Selena was also a member of this clique, but she was generally ignored by her sister.
This caused Selena to grow an intense inferiority complex. Her only friend, a Ralts by the name of Kan, was also an 'outsider' within the clique. The two of them at first meant no harm - their only aim was to become 'insiders'. Determined to overcome their "castes", so to speak, they first attempted to gain her favor by doing things for her. When this failed, it was Selena's idea to gain their attention in another way - by playing pranks on the clan.
At first these pranks were relatively harmless. They went as far as scaring the living daylights out of the unsuspecting youngster or clan member, or rearranging the interior of someone's dwelling while he or she was out. This was no easy task, as it is not easy to fool a psychic. When even this failed, it was Selena's idea to make their plans more elaborate. She was so absorbed in gaining her sister's favor even Kan became worried. He attempted to ask her to stop, but she refused to listen to him. Reluctantly he tagged along, hoping to keep her safe or from going too far.
One particular prank involved blocking the colony's water supply with a large rock. It required quite a bit of heavy lifting and while it was meant to be temporary, things don't always go as planned. Both of them managed to get the rock in position. However, the plan had taken lots of distraction and several hours, resulting in a loss of sleep for Selena. The result? She became rather disoriented and careless. The clan, having found out WHY there was no water filtering towards the village, knew exactly who it was and soundly punished both of them. They were forced to move it back immediately.
Already exhausted and angry, they set about moving the rock away. During the lifting, Selena was unable to retain a mental hold on the supermassive rock and her concentration dipped. The result was Kan overstraining himself. Like any muscle, too much stress can cause hyperextension and the result is ultimate collapse. While the brain isn't exactly a muscle, it was used in a similar manner. Legs shaking, Kan ultimately dropped the rock because he was just unable to hold it anymore. He passed out entirely, collapsing and falling into the drained water below. He recieved a glancing blow to his temple when he landed, and Selena hadn't registered quickly enough.
She dropped down beside him, trying desperately to get him up. He didn't respond and she had no choice but to take him back to the village. The next day, she awakened to find that she had gotten exactly what she had wanted all along. When she went to check on her brother, her entire family was there, staring at her. Even her sister, who noticed her completely for the first time, was looking at her with utter disdain.
The shame in her mother's eyes stung like a wound, but it was what happened to Kan that ultimately decided her fate. He had recovered, but only physically. Not only did he no longer remember who anyone was, his brain had virtually shut down, leaving him with only basic motor skills. It was guessed that, while his memories may return he would still have the mental prowess of an infant. The blow to his skull was part of the reason for this.
Judgement was passed down upon Selena. Not because she was really exiled - if anything she had exiled herself. Her family looked away from her, confirming that she had shamed them all. Her family, with such ties into the head matriarch, might have lost its status. But more importantly she had allowed her selfish desire for acceptance get in the way of her duty. Her eyes completely opened (in a non-literal sense), Selena fled the clan territory, taking with her only a few basic belongings, and did not dare to look back.
Driven onward by shame, Selena teleported and teleported, determined to get as far away as she could. She did so until her head ached and she had to stop and sleep for awhile to regain her strength. When she passed out it was for at least ten hours, and most of the time she ended up crying herself to sleep. However, during one of her delerious moments she seemed to come back from her misery and decide to change. Nearly a month after her departure, Selena chose to try again. Giving herself a name she had always liked, she buried the memories of her past deep within the recesses of her mind and locked them away. Her travels eventually brought her to a strange set of caverns. It felt full to the brim with psychic energy, which made her sick to her stomach. However, instead of backing away, she dared to enter. If she was driven away, so be it.
Statistical Information:

Level: 5
Experience: 0/5
Energy: 0
Learned Moves:
Innate moves:
[url=(insert follower profile url here)] Follower's name[/url]

-Torso: Aside from the body armor she wears normally, nothing.

Inventory: N/A

Money: N/A
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Selena the Abra
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