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 Skully the Rattata

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PostSubject: Skully the Rattata   Fri Oct 22, 2010 4:36 pm

Personal Information:

Name: Skully
Age: Young, maybe 14 in human years.
Physical Appearance: Just a regular rattata. Purple and white fur, red eyes.
Personality: Skully tends to keep to her self, not liking the company of others. Though as a child she was hyper and all ways wanted to make friends, she grew into an easily irritaed and tempertent pokemon. Despite her chilly additude, she is a bit skittish. Rattata can easily fall victim to bird types, water types, Dragon types... Then the scariest to her, would be bug types. She hates the things, which is why she is happy she inherited Flame Wheel from her father.
History: As a pup, she made many friends and never thought about what pokemon she was. but after she got older, her stronger friends began to leave her. Going out into the world, strong enough to survive on there own. Though Rattatas where supposed where supposed to live in packs, she lived with her parents. A female Rattata and a Male Typhlosion. So, she asked them if she could go out on her own, they reluctently agreed. The first day Skully left home, she was captured by Aridos. Brought to there nests to be fed to the babys, she freaked out and some how used Flame Wheel for a grand escape. Thats how she found out about her inherited egg move, and her fear of bugs. After escaping the bugs and being drawn into unfamiler territory... She continued on, looking for suitible partner so she could grow stronger.
Statistical Information:

Experience:( 3/10 )
Learned Moves:
Innate moves:

-Legs:Kitty Glove- A Glove shaped like a cat paw with retractable claws, its on her front right paw.

Inventory:4 Oran Berrys.

Money:5 Gold Coins.
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Skully the Rattata
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