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 Gursch Lester

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PostSubject: Gursch Lester   Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:45 am

Personal Information:

Name: Gursch Lester
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Physical Appearance:

Personality: Gursch is brave, but not dramatically so. When dealing with others, he tends to let people do what they will as long as they don't try to force him to join them. In tense situations, he is more likely to take rash action than to stand back and think about whether or not something is smart. When the outlook of a situation is grim, he usually mutters a few curses to himself and takes a stand against it instead of running.

History: Gursch was born in the Ogra province, but remembers almost nothing about it because his father and mother left the civilized areas of it as fugitives. He never knew what their crimes were and only knew that he grew up in a cabin near a ruined city with his parents. Gursch received no formal education (but these days, who does?) and did much of the hunting for his family's food once he had grown to be an able-bodied young man. Upon returning from one of his hunting trips, Gursch was shocked and traumatized to have discovered that knights from Castle Ogra had finally caught up to his parents, he learned this in the fact the home he grew up in was completely wrecked and found his parents brutally slain at the front door. There was no sign of where the attackers had gone, and he was in such emotional shock that he fell to the ground and couldn't move for what was the longest hour of his life. Once the initial emotional scarring had passed, he knew that he would have to one day avenge his parents and set out with what little money he had to become stronger and find his destiny!

As he set out from his ruined cabin, Gursch had entered the ruins of a destroyed city to see if he could salvage anything for his journey. He managed to obtain armor in a hidden cache but was also captured and forced to fight for his life in an underground arena where he took a scyther arm and an absol horn from his defeated opponents before being released to continue his travels.

The following day, Gursch sought to cross the plains to wherever fate would take him. Following a billowing column of smoke, he came to a merchant caravan which was being attacked by soldiers whom he mistook for bandits, he was not strong enough to fight them and was forced to flee. Later, he was ambushed by poochyena which he easily defeated only to be capturd by a tribe of children which meant to sacrifice him to their moon goddess, cresselia; however, Cresselia showed him mercy and attached a lunar feather to Gursch's forehead which put the tribe under the impression that he was some sort of chosen one. They showered him with random items as gifts before he left them...
Statistical Information:



~Lunar Feather~ while technically not armor, this green feather attached to his head was a gift from Cresselia that grants him immunity to nightmares and dream eater.
~Tanned hide vest~ this tough leather vest offers light protection from pointed weapons like teeth, fangs, and swords. It has been worn for a long time, reducing its effectiveness slightly, but it works well enough for now.
~Iron boots~ somewhat heavy iron boots which only slightly limit the wearer's movement but are effective at protecting the feet and also making kicks hurt that much more.
~Scyther arm~ a make-shift "sword" made by hastily ripping off the arm of a deceased scyther. It's sharp, to be sure, though the handle may be a bit on the brittle side.
~Iron Gloves~ heavy iron gauntlets which are very effective in protecting one's hands. They are less dextrous but are durable and probably good for punching.
~Wolf Bone Cord~ A necklace made from poochyena fangs strung together, this has no known special effect.

-scrap metal x4
-broken ax handle x1
~Absol Horn- a bladed horn removed from an absol, it has unknown magical properties.
-metal coat
-cotton balls x2
-low-quality obsidian spear
-bone necklace x3
-ruined pocketwatch
-rope (2 yards)
Money: 35g
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Gursch Lester
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