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 In depth explanation of Pokemon Character template

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PostSubject: In depth explanation of Pokemon Character template   Fri Sep 17, 2010 10:27 pm

Personal Information:

Name: your name, what people call you. basic.
Species this is exactly what kind of pokemon you are. you may choose from any NON LEGENDARY first form pokemon. Single form pokemon are also allowed.
Gender: Your gender, there are pokemon without gender, good luck with RPing that, but you are welcome to try.
Age: this doesn't have to be a number, you can say how old you are relative to the pokemon lifespan, like young, adult, elder, etc.
Physical Appearance: most pokemon don't look too different within a species; however, if there are any distinguishing features about your pokemon, you may address them here. A picture is what most people would put in(and if no special things stand out about your character, just posting a picture of your species is recommended).
Personality: This is how your character interacts with the world around him or her or it. I recommend you be specific enough for someone to be able to accurately mimic your character's behavior if they had to; they likely wouldn't, but it's a good frame of mind to keep for this.
History: This is an important part of your character, explaining how you got to where you are now. Being a pokemon means that your starting location is determined by your species UNLESS you say otherwise in your history. this can be long or short, but I suggest that it contain enough information to justify any special details about your character.
Statistical Information:

Level: you start at level five, you gain a level when you have gained experience equal to your current level.
Experience: at the start, this will be (0/5). if you gain more than 5 exp, it carries over into your next level; for example: you are at level five and have four experience, you defeat a level 6 pokemon and gain 6 more experience, this would result in 10/5 experience which translates to 5/6 once all level ups are calculated.
Energy: this is a resource exclusive to pokemon/pokemorphs. You gain energy when you defeat an enemy, the amount gained is equal to half the level of a defeated opponent rounded to nearest whole numbers. energy is used to learn moves that cannot be obtained by leveling up.
Learned Moves:
These are moves you have obtained by spending energy, this is maintained in the standard pokemon fashion of having a maximum of 4 moves.
Innate moves:
this is a list of all moves that a pokemon can use based on level alone. even though there are only 4 slots in the template, you can add more when you run our of room.
Followers: followers for pokemon work in the same way as they do for people, any characters that are not "player characters" but are in your party are listed and linked to here.
[url=(insert follower profile url here)] Follower's name[/url]

Equipment: the equipment for a pokemon to use is more limited than that of a human as some do not have body parts which conform to the shapes of armor; however, you may equip armor (NOT WEAPONS) to most pokemon if you can get it in the proper shape.
-Head: Armor worn on the head, this consists of helms, hats, etc.
-Torso: Armor designed to protect the upper body; consists of shirts, mail, vests, plates, etc.
-Accessories: Any equipment which does not fall into an above category; typically rings, necklaces, etc. which still need to be mentioned.

Inventory: this is everything you are carrying, but not wearing. In the spirit of fairness and equality, everyone's inventory is in the form of a "mystic satchel" so to speak and your inventory can hold items which you couldn't easily carry normally.


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Posts : 294
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PostSubject: Re: In depth explanation of Pokemon Character template   Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:03 pm

This is a special note on "Transformations"

If your character has any form of temporary transformation (whether that is a stone evolution or anything else) they will fill that in via spoiler tabs in their character profile's statistic information section. The field for the transformation should detail any changes made to the character in the course of that transformation. This includes: Personality changes, Move pool changes, appearance changes and/or equipment changes.

As a side note, if your transformation has a drastically smaller movepool (like a stone evolution from staryu to starmie cuts its movepool drastically) then you may keep four of your previous form's innate moves in your innate move section.
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In depth explanation of Pokemon Character template
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