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 In depth explanation of Human Character template

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PostSubject: In depth explanation of Human Character template   Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:47 pm

Personal Information:

This section is for information which doesn't necessarily impact your ability to do something, but is crucial for effective RPing. Basically, everything in this section is for the purpose of making your RP experience slightly more personal and realistic.

Name: This is your character's FULL NAME. you may also include any nicknames or aliases you want in "Quotation Marks" this is how people will refer to you while in character.
Gender: we shouldn't need to explain this. "Are you a Boy, or a Girl?"
Age: This is how old your character is. I personally recommend against being too young, as this world is a dangerous place.
Physical Appearance: You may replace this with a picture, but this is where you put a description of the visible features of your character. This is important to be specific on as this is what other players have to go on when they look at you and would affect the way they initially approach or treat you.
Personality: This is where you put your character's personality. Things you will be strongly encouraged to include involve how your character thinks in general as well as how they respond to different people and events. I personally suggest that contain enough information for even another person to accurately be able use this as a resource to emulate how your character would act, not that they will have to do that, EVER.
History: This is where you put a summary of all events which occurred in your character's life before you started playing as this character, explaining what happened to make your character the way he/she is or what his/her general background is. I prefer that this be as detailed as possible as it lets players (not characters unless you tell them in character) can know a little more about you.
Statistical Information:
The Statistic section of your profile is where the information which governs what you can do in the world on a technical level. It also includes a record of your possessed items and equipment as well as any other characters you control

Level: This number is your strength relative to other things around you. Like in all pokemon games, you start at level 5. You gain a level when you have gained experience equal to your current level.

Followers: Followers are any character you control in addition to your main character. This includes pokemon and also any other people that you have authority over. In order to save space in your profile, you will need a separate profile for your followers and they will be linked to using the code included in the template.
[url=(insert follower profile url here)] Follower's name[/url]

Equipment: this is where you list the pieces of armor or clothing you are wearing. at the beginning you will mostly be starting with basic clothing or low-grade armor.
-Head: a hat, helmet, headband, etc.
-Torso: a shirt, chest plate, etc. which covers your upper body
-Legs: pants, leggings, etc. which cover your lower body
-Weapon(s): objects which you use to attack, this can be anything you use to inflict damage.
-Accessories: this is anything you wear on your person that is not mentioned above. this could be a special kind of glove, shoe, necklace, ring, or anything else you really need to specify that you have equipped.

Inventory: these are items which are in your pockets, sack, etc. which you are not technically equipped with but still carry with you. this will be a list of everything you are carrying such as medicine or quest items or any other sort of thing you find in your travels and pick up.

Money: this should be self-explanatory, this is your currency. you use it to buy things you want. The unit of currency we use here is Gold, or "g" for short.
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In depth explanation of Human Character template
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