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 Engineering System, an explanation

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PostSubject: Engineering System, an explanation   Thu Sep 16, 2010 4:58 pm

One of my favorite features is the engineering system, here's what you basically need to know about it.

1.When you want to make use of the engineering laboratory, you're going to need someone to make what you want. You can pay a fee to commission an engineer to make your item for you or you can sign on one of your followers as an engineering apprentice to reduce the costs.
-note: if you sign someone on as an apprentice, they won't know everything about inventing overnight and will need to work their way up over time to more complicated projects.

2.In addition to having someone to make your inventions, you also need the necessary materials such as metals and glass and whatever else is needed to make a special item. Some projects will require specific kinds of pokemon to assist in its completion.

3.Occasionally, there will be engineering announcements requesting some sort of material assistance with an independent engineering project that anyone can help with and benefit from the results.

4.If you don't have a recipe, you may simply supply materials to have something done with them, a staff member will decide what the resulting creation will be.
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Engineering System, an explanation
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