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 PKRPK Introduction Version 1.1

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PostSubject: PKRPK Introduction Version 1.1   Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:50 pm

This is what you need to know:

1.In order to play, you need to make your character profile.

2.Most player characters start at roughly level 5 and you gain levels by gaining experience equal to your current level.

3.Your player character may be a pokemon OR a human to start, no combinations otherwise unless you do a ridiculously good job justifying it to me. There is no real character limit, although if you have more than one main character (as in not follower) then they must never be in the same thread or interact with one another.

4.Everyone has to start somewhere, since we have no official "start location" this will be up to you. You may start in a town or in the wild, you should say where you start in the "History" section of your character profile. In the case of a pokemon character, you will have to start in a place where your species of pokemon is a native unless you can say in your history why you are not in your native environment along with where you will start instead.

5.In order to form a pokemon team, you will have to find a way to make a pokemon join forces with you in some way. There are also a few very rare ways to simply enslave a pokemon that you would otherwise have difficulty taming.

6.The "Main Storyline" is simply that the Prince (an enigmatic person with total executive power over the entire kingdom) is by many people considered to be evil and should be ousted from the throne. Since he is paranoid of people attacking him, he has a barrier around parts of his palace to protect him. These can only be dispelled by having a shard from the 8 magical crystals housed in each of the castles (except the "Royal Palace"). Not everyone is expected to follow that storyline, but that's what we have as the core problem. Also, if this seems shallow, the plot will develop more as you go along, this is just a summary to build off of.

7.All pokemon have access to any move which they are naturally capable of using at their current level. A special resource of "energy" can be spent by pokemon to learn up to four moves they would learn by any means outside of leveling up. basically, the better the move, the more energy it takes to learn. Energy is earned by a pokemon at half the rate of gaining experience, rounded to nearest whole number (.5 is up).
~Update: You may spend energy to learn a move by asking the mod in charge of your thread to have you learn the move in that thread by a "flash of inspiration" in which you discover how to use that move; you spend energy equal to roughly 75% of the move's attack power or 50 energy for any "status" move. Some moves, however, can only be learned by use of a rare talisman which may be found during your adventures.

8.Another special feature for our forum is that evolutions involving the "evolution stones" are reversible (you can choose to revert to normal after a short while or remain in that form forever). The evolution stones will be reusable but require time between uses(unless you stay in your evolved form). Additionally, in the case of Eevee evolutions; umbreon requires Dusk Stone, Espeon requires Dawn Stone, Glaceon requires "Ice Stone" which will have been invented just for our forum, leafeon requires Leaf Stone.

Take any questions you have about this to the "Questions and suggestions" forum. If there are things we have not fully addressed or need to be modified in some way, I'll fix it. But someone would have to tell me it's "broken."
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PKRPK Introduction Version 1.1
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