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 Lobos Family

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PostSubject: Lobos Family   Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:22 pm

Lobos Family

The Lobos Family was once one of wealth and prestige, long before anyone currently alive would likely remember. Its last great patriarch, Wolfgang Amadeus Lobos's experiments in the field of dark magic led to his creation of 5 cursed rings which were used to transform himself and his closest family into hybrids of mightyena, a pokemon which in the area was considered sacred. The curse from the rings spread into their offspring as a permanent mutation as opposed to the magical transformation granted by the ring to its wearers. The true fall of the Lobos Family came when Crush Lobos came into power and converted the transformed populace into a great band of thieves which preyed on merchants and travelers which strayed too close to their lands. Crush also allowed a select few pure humans to enter into the ranks of the Lobos Family upon completion of a series of trials. The grandson of Crush was Lucas Lobos who became the only leader of the family (known as an alpha due to their pack-like nature) to die before producing an heir. As a result of this, leadership of the pack was given to Lucas's brother(despite the next highest rank in the pack being Elizaveta Lobos, females weren't permitted to lead the pack), Maxilmillian Lobos, who leads today.

-The location of Lobos Manor must never be revealed to outsiders.
-Members of the pack are forbidden to harm one another except when a crime is committed.
-There is a celebration on nights of the full moon as the full moon is considered sacred.
-The Lobos family will only attack when provoked by encroaching on their territory, or by hunting poochyena and mightyena. There are no restrictions in place on attacking merchant caravans or armed soldiers.
-Lobos Family members are only permitted to attack wild pokemon for defense or if the pokemon is to be eaten for food.


The Lobos Family reside in the Lobos Manor and the ruins of the Lobos Kingdom, which is located in the far eastern portions of the Deep Woods and are thoroughly overgrown with moss and ivy.

The Lobos Family is branded as a group of outlaws and there is a bounty in Firgram province for the heads of any of its members. Their control is limited to the eastern areas of the Deep Woods as well as some parts of the Wold. They do not have enough presence to have received any attention from the Prince's forces outside of occasional patrolling soldiers.
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Lobos Family
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