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 Lucien Lobos

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PostSubject: Lucien Lobos   Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:35 pm

Name: "Lucien Anderson" [his true name, just uses it as an alias now], Lucien Lobos, Mightyena Bandit
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Physical Appearance:
Personality: Deceptive, Cold, Greedy, Two-Faced, Manipulative, sly
Born in one of the small villages near Firgram. His father a small farmer and his mother a stay at home mom. His brother left the family to go to guard school when Lucien was 3. Bandits raided the village three years later and killed his parents and most of the village. However the leader took pity on Lucien and took him to be raised by Bandits. The leader took him on as a son. He trained for 6 years in the Lobos Clan before his adopted father Lucas died. Once Lucas died he was more or less kicked out of the Lobos Family told to go on a mission to recruit more human followers and to scout for their next raid on Firgram land. Fate seemed to shine on Lucien as he ran into his brother a palace guard corporal who managed to help Lucien get into the guards academy for training and an internship with the guards while he trained. As an intern he is stuck working the graveyard shift or running patrols into the Wold.
However this gives him the proper chance to steal a certain object that has caught his attention...

Statistical Info:

Level: 5
- Head: (temporary) Low Quality Guard Helmet
- Torso: (temporary) Low Quality Guard Breastplate
- Leg: (temporary) Low Quality Guard Platelegs
- Weapon: Guard Sword
- Accessories: Lobo's Alpha Ring

Inventory: Lobos Sword, Lobos Talon, Mightyena Mask

Money: 10 g


Energy: 0
Innate moves:

Learned Moves:

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Lucien Lobos
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