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 Lord Ristol of Ogra

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PostSubject: Lord Ristol of Ogra   Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:55 am

Personal Information:

Name: Olsmur Ristol
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Physical Appearance:
Personality: He is a short-tempered man who is quick to rely on violence to accomplish his objectives. He has a great deal of respect towards Santur Dolmurke and maintains an unshaking loyalty to the crown. Baron Ristol eagerly awaits the day of the Prince's inauguration as he suspects that the prince will lead the kingdom on a military campaign that will make it an empire.
History: As lord of Castle Ogra, Olsmur Ristol is descended from the leader of the settlers which originally discovered the castle. These settlers were originally raiders from across the sea, using the fortified castle as a base of operations from which to attack weaker villages in the area. Eventually, Hemanter, who first established the kingdom, united the other civilized areas and defeated the warlike people of Ogra in a great battle. The end of that war resulted in the leading chieftain in Ogra forming a pact with Hemanter that his people would always be loyal to the kingdom's heir and will aid with war efforts in any way possible. Olsmur, as current lord of Ogra, received intense military training from an early age as is traditional in Ogra province. He served as the head general of the royal army in times of war until Santur Dolmurke was promoted above him.
Statistical Information:

Level: 45

~Chieftain's Battle Helm~ a highly protective helm designed after the ones worn by the raiders which settled in Ogra in ancient times. It has horns on it to intimidate enemies or be used as a weapon when all else fails.
~Raider Baron's Armor~ well-made body armor combining steel and fur for durability and comfort, created in the traditional style of Ogra's settlers. Olsmur's plate armor also bears an enchantment that gives him greater stamina in battle to fight longer and harder than normal.
~Crimson Warblade~ The sword used by the original leader of the raiders which inhabited Castle Ogra. This sword is stained red with the blood of the countless warriors it has slain. It remains in perfect condition even after over a hundred years of use, apparently maintained by combat due to a technique used by ancient metallurgists. The means by which to replicate this sword are unknown in this kingdom.
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Lord Ristol of Ogra
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