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 Lord Brallia of Winterbrand

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PostSubject: Lord Brallia of Winterbrand   Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:43 am

Personal Information:

Name: Ayvert Brallia
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Physical Appearance:
Personality: Generally, he seems spaced out and rarely speaks to people directly. He is obsessively in love with his wife, Juno Brallia, and catered to her every whim before she fell ill.
History: Ayvert was not born in Winterbrand province, nor did he grow up there. He actually spent all of his life before becoming lord of the province (including the time in which he met and married his wife, juno) in the Burkham province. He was actually the brother to the former lord of Burkham province and was sent to rule in Winterbrand castle to prevent him from claiming the throne and allow the prince to place general Santur Dolmurke in power there. In truth, he has cared for nothing since he met the love of his life and was in no way opposed to his exile as long as his dear wife was with him. Before the time of his arrival, Castle Winterbrand was unoccupied and the people of the province simply managed themselves. The lord made only a few public declarations and most of them were inconsequential. It was not long after his arrival that his wife fell ill with an unknown disease and he went into a deep depression. Now it is unknown what is happening in the castle as it has been shut off from the rest of the population due to Ayvert's suspicion that his beloved's illness was a form of assassination attempt.
Statistical Information:


-Head: N/A
-Torso: Thickly padded doublet and light body armor
-Legs: Noble's pants in several layers to shield from cold
-Weapon(s): Decorative sword (he has not been trained in its use)
Enchanted Locket- locket itself gives off faint warmth, the picture within displays the person whom the observer cares most about.
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Lord Brallia of Winterbrand
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