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 Some suggestions

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Mr. Tyra


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PostSubject: Some suggestions   Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:48 pm

You might want to add the part about how you can't start off with any followers (humans included) to the rules to prevent future misunderstandings from happening or if it is in the rules (did not really see it in the rules at all regarding humans however with pokemon I can see it as it says you have to build your team but again I would also clarify that means you start off with no pokemon whatsoever)

Also one more thing, perhaps I am being a tad self-centered here but consider revising the fact that none of your player character's can interact. I am aware and agree that none of your player character's should fight ) (that is controled by you however consider this idea that if you do for some reason have player character's with some kind of dispute that must be settled with violence that you "lend" the character to a mod for use to fight and you have to give them a reason). However what if you want to make some ragtag duo that is aiming to take down the government afro and to throw the world into the state of anarchy because they are just badass and are willing to take down the establishment all together.

Or that is not the case allow you to make human followers (I am cool with you gotta recruit your own pokemon but people it is a different story) and make it so your character's can recruit them into their service, reasonably, for example I could not just make it so I run into the forest and BAM all of a sudden hey there is Steve the Bounty Hunter and we instantly form an unbreakable bond that makes it so we just HAVE to travel together for no apparent reason.

Meh I will use my scrapped character for example.

So Lucien after he (and I am assuming that he did suceed in what my plan for him was) did steal the shard and has managed to escape the city with the shard realises he is basically fucked as he can't really step foot into the place he just stole the shard from and other Castle's will be on high alert for him because he just stole a fucking shard and well I think the Prince would want said stolen shard back so it does not fall into the wrong hands or it escapes the wrong hands. Now Lucien again knows he is most likely screwed and knows he is going to need some help. So what does he do he escapes to the Wold and makes his way through to the deeper Wold where Lucien knows that he has a few buddies that would take him in so he can rest from all that escaping. While he is resting he more or less falls in love with this girl in this group of buddies and well realises that hey this chick can travel with me and hey maybe go into town and get me supplies that I need as I would probably be recognised as there may or may not be a bounty on my head and wanted posted for my stealing of the shards. But wait there is a problem with simply telling your buddies "Hey guys I am going to basically take the last female of your bloodline and go on some dangerous journey....k thanks BAI". Stealing her would be even more dangerous and some would say idiotic then stealing a shard from a castle in broad daylight as well she is the fucking last female of a dying out bloodline and well they want her to stay there so she can continue the bloodline and keep the pure bloodline continued. So getting her out the hideout is not going to be an easy task and guess what your going to have fucking more people after you once they realise that "oh shit that motherfucker just stole our CHICK" plus you basically just stabbed your friends in the back by doing so. So in short getting this follower is going to fuck up your already fucked up life even more as you have to run from the safety of the woods to a new hiding spot and now you have an extra person to worry about.

So if you cared to read that super. If not I am going to condense this all into a list:
- One Add the No Followers of Anykind can be avaible at start
- Please consider modifying no the interplayable NPC Rule (if your NPC's are going to meet up or encounter eachother somewhere and not just because hey I want my character's to form an epic anarchy creating duo that is out to steal the worlds waffles, you got to get mod approveal and state why they are meeting up, why they are about to try and kill each other or work together)
- If above if not acceptable then consider making it so we can create our own human follower that can be recruited by us or other people. However there has to be a reason why this person would want to work with you, I would say give Mods control of your character (in your profile provide a lot of detail for the mod to work with, including history) and your working to aquire them if you desire to up to them if they really find your argument for recruiting them is lame then they can have the character you want to recruit deny your request to join your party.

- Or actually follow what it says in the NPC board:
" A member must ask a staff member before creating an NPC, but for the most part we'll probably let you as long as we know what you're doing " - Text from the NPC as of 11:56 PM EST (just in case your like OH NO QUICK CHANGE IT TO MAKE IT SO HE IS LYING, proof that it indeed does say that: http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/3056/proofbn.png )

So if you want a Follower to be with you as long as you know what you are doing with it and you present it to the mods and it shows what you doing with it I would say why not let it happen. I know the text says NPC but why not apply it to follower?

Plus while browsing through character's I saw a person's player character with a follower NPC created by them, not going to name any names but it is there just look around you will find it trust me.

From what I was told today I thought that you can't do that and if they can do they simply because they are a mod and mods can control NPC's then all have to that is No and how the hell is that fair even if I have this awesome reason why they should be connected I can't do it simply because I am not a mod Mad .

That will have me in an even greater tizzy about everything that transpired today as I could not make the character I wanted because I am not a mod and can't under any circumstances make a follower to go with my player character because I am not a mod. Nor can I attempt to have this done because it is against the rules [as again from my understanding nobody can make a follower join up with their player character under any circumstances or that you can not arrange it to happen, even if you did for example make a Weedle and you had your player go to The Wold on bussiness and have them encounter or tell a mod [hey umm can you maybe perhaps have this Weedle encounter my character or have my character save this Weedle from a Ramaging Charizard that is killing everything in sight or the two have a history together like one day when your character was six a Pidgey stole your precious Weedle (that you saved from a gang of roaming Bulbasaur that like picking on weedles and sticking them into trees by the horns) and you were seperated from each for years but hey one day out of the blue your escaping from some bandits in the forest and DOH you trip over a blasted weedle but wait what's this that weedle looks familiar....could it be...WEEDLY OMG AFTER ALL THESE YEARS OF SEARCHING I FINALLY FOUND YOU BUDDY...I AM SO SORRY I LEFT THAT ROTTEN PIDGEY STEAL YOU FROM ME....COME HOME BUDDY...)

Thanks for Reading, if you need something clarified let me know
-Mr. T
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PostSubject: Re: Some suggestions   Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:28 pm

Give me a second while I address all of your points:

For one thing, making two MAIN characters with the intention of having them team up is the exact reason I have that rule saying that your main characters can never interact with each other. Any main character you make is like starting a new file in an RPG, and you know as well as I do that you can't meet a character you made on a separate file in an RPG. There's an incalculable amount of abuse that could come from allowing a player to make their main characters interact or to be able to inherit the main character of another player. Even if it could make sense on an in-character level, there are far too many Out-of-Character complications.

You can ask mods about creating NPCs, including ones you may want to have as followers, but the rule is that a mod for your topic still has to control the NPC. The reason why characters (Especially NPCs) need to have a "personality" section to their profile is so that any mod that needs to control them will be able to do so properly.

In what you say about some people having made their own followers, you'd have to have had a follower join you in order to really understand what's going on there, so I'll tell you. At the beginning, I just made all of the NPCs, including Iota's follower, Wess, then I realized that there would be an issue if this continued when non-staffers got an NPC because they'd be unable to edit their followers' stats. To remedy this, I made it so the topic's mod would PM the code for creating the NPC to the member who's going to control it so that they can post it and be able to edit it.

Being a staff member doesn't mean you can control NPCs in your own RP topic! If you're RPing, another staff member has to mod you JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! If someone is making a wild pokemon or a follower appear for themselves in a topic (as in, doing the job of a topic's narrator) without using a narrator to do it, they are godmodding and I want it to be reported to me immediately.

Thank you for pointing out what it says on the NPC board, I actually did forget about that, despite the fact I WROTE it. Yes, you can make an NPC, you have to submit it for approval from a staff member before posting it. Followers are NPCs too, but you cannot control them in a topic until after they join you. They are a regular NPC until you convince them to join up with you.

Trust me, on an RPing level I don't want anyone to have an advantage over someone because they are a staff member, because nobody in our world of pokemon should be able to say: "oh look! that random guy who in no way looks special is the admin on the forum this game is played on! Let's give him special treatment!" I'm kinda insulted you would see it that way, but nonetheless I hope this helps. If there's something in your post I failed to address, please say so and I'll get to it in the form of another response to this thread.
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Some suggestions
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